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Game and Website Updates

I hope to use this area to record changes to the game and the website chronologically.


Decided I didn't like the joomla version of the wiki and am set it back up as mediawiki which I am much more familiar with. It should all be up by the end of the weekend, although it might not be formatted well for another couple weeks.


Having decided that the game would most likely never be printed in a published book format, have begun converting it into a wiki format so that it will be easier for me to update during my travels. I have most of the information out there, and some semblance of order however, all of the pages will need heavy formatting before it is easily viewable. Will work on it from time to time moving forward. I think the new format will allow me to be more creative and get more done in the little free time that I have to work on it.


I started rebuilding the website, and working on the game books again. I am currently learning php and thinking about making a character generator with it, as well as doing a web version of the books, since they are easier to edit from work. PS I hate updating logs.


Rewrote the entire character creation system. The feedback I was receiving was that the PC races were unbalanced and therefore unfair for creating characters. I have now made a fair system that favors none of the races over one another. The NPC equivalent races will retain their 'unbalanced' stats for encounters. All extended race information will now be in the 'Source Book'. This will be posted shortly.

I have decided that I have been wasting too much time lately formatting the documents to 'print nicely' rather then actual writing more content. I am contemplating returning to a html format for the books, but have not decided yet. I would appreciate emails or guestbook entries discussing the player's opinions. Regardless I apologize if the books are not as pretty as they have been and someday will be again. I really want to focus on content for a while, balanced play, and not on page layout. More updated documents to come shortly.

Removed all personal information about myself, friends, and staff. I had a disturbing situation where someone was using my resume information to make my life unpleasant. Any content that could be similiarly abused has been removed.

Also shut down the author@futureshadows.com email. I was receiving ridiculous amounts of spam email in excess of 1000+ per day. These emails would consume all of my website storage space and make uploading new content to the site overly difficult. My current email address if FSTrent@hotmail.com.

I am considering removing the guestbook as well. A growing method of spammers is to collect email information from guestbooks. Another method is to spam postings onto guestbooks with random advertisements. Its quite annoying to keep having to delete them.


After having to delete 20-30 spammed adverts in the guestbook a day for the past several years, I have shut down the original guestbook. The new guestbook should have less spam in it. This will allow me to focus on the website's content and writing the game books, rather then maintaining the site.