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Future Shadows Background

Future Shadows takes place within our own Milky Way Galaxy in the 35th century. Primarily the characters are within the Empire. The Empire has it origins with the human empire, but now includes many different races. The Empire is in actuality a philosophical movement that promotes individual rights, honor, and justice. Only when these are being threatened does they become involved. Their role is that of peacekeepers, communication between the races spread through out our galaxy, and to promote the advancement of all involved parties. Within this vast Empire are dozens upon dozens of races besides humans.

The Empire is currently at war on two fronts. The first and more widely known war is the Koranda War. The Koranda are a race from beyond our galaxy that has been invading for the past 400+ years. Since the Empire does not stretch to all parts of our galaxy, it is unknown how long they have been within the galaxy’s borders. Initially the war was not going very well for the Empire, but after slowly losing 42% of the colonial territories, and 10% of the Empire core systems during the past 300 years. The resources of both sides have depreciated considerably. It is believed that this is the reason for the Empires recent success at slowing the enemy and even turning the tide of the invasion. Hope is having a rebirth after 75 years in a very dark time.

During this time the war with the Empire has sunk into a very repressed Dark Age. The once prosperous and devoted to peace Empire was not prepared for war with this hostile invader. The massive resources that were required drained the Empire rapidly. As the colonization of numerous other planets for mining and to spread the seeds of the races of the Empire, gave birth to the rise of the Mega-Corporations (MCs). With the entire Empire fleet attempting to defend the galaxy, this lead the MCs to govern their funded colonies. The MCs quickly grew in size and power with the vast need for resources during the war. As the Empire Fleet was drawn from its expanse to the front lines of the battle, the Mega-Corporations begin to forge their own little regions of space. They grew to have absolute power in their regions. Soon they themselves became their own governments with completely loyal populations, as the ideologies of the Empire now faced with war grew sour to them. Some MCs clung to the Empire, and others have draw away and became corrupt. Living on some worlds is extremely oppressed almost to the point of slavery, and other a peaceful collective. The Mega-Corporations even began to war between themselves for the rights to planets or trade secrets further fracturing the former glory of the Empire.

The vast areas of space have so separated the worlds of the Empire, that messages from the colonies and front lines takes months to reach the Empire core worlds. The news front the fronts detailed the fall of civilization after civilization, and nothing was heard from the destroyed worlds. This lack of communication, resources, frequent oppression, war between the MCs, losses of vast numbers of civilizations to the Koranda and the disappearance of the Empires ideologies have slowly brought the Empire into a Dark Age.

Life is much rougher now, and many citizens struggle just to survive. The worst worlds are the ones were the MCs have deserted completely leaving the colonists to rule themselves on planets raped of their resources. Those that have been dispossessed by their MCs often quickly regress into barbaric worlds. Among both the dispossessed worlds and the colonies clans have begun to form. Colonists of all races bind their families together to create these clans, sometimes due to their common history or even simply as survival from another clan. Clan disputes are usually settled via street wars, personal duels, or the paying of wergild, the worth of a dead man to his kin. It is indeed a dark time.

The other lesser known war of the Empire is with the Chaotians. They are a race of dimensional beings that destroy the soul of a possessed host. Travelling astrally they possess vast psionic powers which they use to invade a host body and take control of it. Creating localized chaos throughout the Empire, the Thorian Draconis were born. As the personal battle priests of the Emperor, they also have been trained in both psionic powers and the ways of combat. This small and mysterious organization has developed into its own religion as the veterans strive to deal with the damage caused by their Chaotian opponents. This religion helps them retain their sanity, while promoting wisdom, logic, and the ideologies of the Empire. The worst fear of a Thorian Draconis, is to be driven into the asylums for the incurable insanity battle with the Chaotians, something that their brethren’s powers and religion cannot cure. The Chaotians once established in the host, can repetitively summon more of his ilk, causing entire populations to be lost. The priests continue to lead this covert war attempting to dispel the rumors of the war-ragged populace, to keep them from losing all hope. They maintain their priest like functions wandering the Empire, spreading hope and faith, while secretly seeking out their sworn enemy.

Living in the shadows of these events trying to survive and thrive is core of the adventures you will find in Future Shadows.

Future Shadows History

Future Shadows has gone through many changes during its creation. I started writing FS shortly after I received D&D© Basic Set on Christmas 1982. I had never seen or played a rpg before and was quickly very frustrated figuring out the rules. I started working on it that day. Later I found a group of friends, to play D&D© with, and the 14 page project soon developed in making a ninja class for D&D©. Later it developed into its own fantasy game. By the time that Star Frontiers© and Gamma World© came out, I realized that I wasn't a fantasy person at all. I loved science-fiction. The work, at this time around 45 pages, became know as Worlds of Apocolypse(WOA).

Soon I parted with my role-playing friends, due to a move in my childhood. It took me many years to find new players. This time I was exposed to Games Workshop's Warhammer© FRP. I soon found out about Warhammer 40k©, and at my dismay waited forever for the RP version to come out. It never did, and I started work on WOA once again. I played some Traveler© (which I hated), some Robotech© (which I thought was too combat oriented, and not enough role-playing), and Battletech© (which has no reol-playing at all). I worked for several years on WOA and renamed it Worlds of Tomorrow (WOT).

I played WOT in high school with my Warhammer© crew, and continued playing when I went off to a string of colleges; Northeastern University, Boston University, University of Hartford, and Central Connecticut State University. Some time during 1994, I changed the name once again, this time to Future Shadows©. Sometimes it was neglected for many months, but was never forgotten about.

Sometime during 1998, I had a major life crisis, and began work on it once again. This time I have never stopped. August of 1999, I placed the now 500 page + work of Future Shadows, on the net in its own domain. Future Shadows currently is the in the play-testing stage, while I seek a publisher.

Future Shadows Sci-Fi RPG Mission

Future Shadows strives to develop, and publish a unique sci-fi role-playing game. The game strives to be unique by presenting a multitude of rules for all aspects of sci-fi role-playing, including but not limited to hacking, power armor, mecha, vehicles, vessels, psionics. The game seeks to promote a universe that although futuristic is based on the common themes both of contemporary society, medieval themes, and a space opera setting. It is the opinion of the author that so many sci-fi rpgs fail due to the fact that the core of role-player's are of a fantasy background, and most sci rpgs are a difficult transition. By promoting the themes previously mentioned, the setting will be easy to understand and embrace by the core of the role-playing society. FS also realizes that no game in this limited market can succeed without a grass roots following or previous fan base to be a long term success. To meet this end, FS is a currently a free play-test game until the point where the fan base is large enough to ensure an ongoing business success. To ensure this goal all material will be published on this site in its current state until such time as publication ensues. In addition FS will seek alternative publishing goals to ensure a continued growth in fan base.

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